Innovative engineering solutions of SNDGroup

The range of our products and technologies - from sensors to the Internet of Things.

На рынке с 2015 года

Our products


Laser processing of materials


Scientific research and testing


Processing and installation services


Development of technologies and components


Precision laser cutting of metals

Precision laser cutting of ceramics

Marking of metals

Precision laser cutting of ceramic materials for electronics

Creation of laser holograms

Color marking of metals

Glass marking

Marking of plastic and textolite

X-ray structural analysis of internal structures and compositions

Tests on vibration stands

Tests on bursting machines

Testing the effects of various atmospheres

Investigation of the surface and internal structure of various materials, including welding and soldering seams, using electron beam and atomic force microscopy

Manual installation of prototypes and small series

Automatic installation, serial production

Precision laser cutting of various materials

We perform precision electron beam welding of small structures

Development of new materials for electronics

Development of new electronics installation technologies

Development of a new element base for electronics: sensors based on nanostructured materials, MEMS elements, diagnostic and control systems

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