Technology based on nanostructured self-heating solder.

Allows you to perform strong, electrically conductive, low-porous connections of various materials in a split second:

  • Metal-metal
  • Ceramics-metal
  • Ceramics-ceramics
  • Crystals-ceramics
  • Crystal-metal
  • Polylaminate-metal

We provide the following engineering services:

  • Enclosure
  • Mounting of the boards to the housing
  • Crystal mounting
  • Introduction of technology to the enterprise
  • Testing of fastening modes with modification of material properties


  • Cheaper organization of production
  • Energy saving
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Soldering in a split second - acceleration of installation by tens of times (compared to classical soldering methods)
  • Non-damaging installation of crystals and ceramics
  • Does not require deep modernization of production
  • The connection can be made at any ambient temperature
  • The technology of connection in an inert atmosphere and airless space has been worked out
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